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I can’t reach the company I purchased goods or services from

All companies processing online transactions may at some point encounter problems that can impact orders that have been placed on their site. 

What I need to do?

If you have processed an order through a company using the Opayo payment pages and you are struggling to contact them, receive delivery, or have a query regarding your order please make sure you have followed all of the steps below: 

  • Try to contact the company using the contact details provided on the website or confirmation e-mail if received: Normally companies have direct contact details that customers can call to help with any and all queries.
  • Check the company is outside the delivery timescale: If you have been given a delivery timescale please give the company time to deliver your product.
  • Give the company reasonable time to get back to you: If you have been able to speak with the company and made a request, please make sure you have given 7 days for your request to be processed.

Still unable to reach the company?

If you have followed the steps above and remain unsuccessful at contacting the company, you can report the vendor to Opayo.  Report a company 

We will pass your details along with those of your order over to the company with a request to contact you within 7 working days to resolve your query.