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Order failed, funds still taken

If you have placed an order online which has failed the funds will not have been taken from your account.

Whenever a transaction is processed through our systems we carry out fraud prevention checks and get authorisation from the bank before the funds are taken.

What's an authorisation?

When your transaction is sent for authorisation, checks are carried out with the website's bank.  This is to check that they would like to process the transaction.  Then an authorisation request is sent to your card issuing bank to ensure that the funds are available to make payment.
If everything is ok, your bank will place a reserve on your account for the amount of the transaction.  This will allow the funds to be taken from your account for the transaction. This is also known as a shadow.

Order failed

After authorisation, your transaction can still fail.  If the transaction fails after authorisation the funds will still be reserved on your account.  Although they have not been debited from your account they will appear to have been taken.

How long does this last?

After authorisation has been placed on your account the reserve can last up to 7 working days before it is lifted.  This is not controlled by us, and we cannot remove this from your account.

If you would like to get the reserve lifted you will need to speak directly with your card issuing bank.  They will be able to help with removing the reserve and making the funds available to you.

Have the funds left my account?

No.  The reserve only highlights the funds to be debited from your account.  They do not actually remove them. Once the reserve is removed from your account the funds will simply re-appear.