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Payment page not loading

If the payments pages are not loading then contact the company you are buying from to resolve the issue.

The company will be able to help you with any issues you are having and if needed, they will arrange for an alternate method of payment for you.

We will then be able to work with them to make sure the payment pages are working properly.

Why do I need to contact the website?

We ask you to contact the company who own the website to resolve this issue because they are in control of the integration with us.  

If the page isn’t loading they will be able to speak with us to make sure the payment process is working and the transaction can be processed.

We can’t resolve any issues with the payment pages without speaking to the website, if you have informed us of an issue we will always ask you to contact the website directly.

Can I still make a purchase?

If the page will not load your transaction won’t be processed, and no money will be debited from your account. However if the website contacts us to resolve the issue you can then make your purchase.