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Finding a VpsTxId

If you submit a transaction query to our support team they may ask you to provide a VpsTxId to help us investigate any issue you may be having.

A VpsTxId is a unique transaction identifier that we issue to every transaction that we process and will enable us to access transaction logs for a particular transaction.

Locating the VpsTxId

After logging into your account you will first need to locate the transaction you wish to query – this could be a successful, failed or invalid transaction.

To do this select the transactions tab within MySagePay and use the options available to locate the transaction.

Once you have located the transaction you would like to query, you will need to click on the transaction

This will then present you with the transaction detail screen.

Highlighted in the example above is the value for Opayo unique ID – This is the VpsTxId and is the value we will require you to provide.

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