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Customised Invoices

If you are using custom Invoices and you are experiencing problems when trying to use Opayo to process transactions this could indicate a fault with the invoices you are using.


Firstly, we advise that you change back to the default invoices that are available within your Sage Accounts product and perform a test to ensure the connection can be established.

If the test is successful the issue will be related to the customised invoices that you have in place on your accounts software, and will need to be addressed.

Locating my custom Invoices

We are able to help you with this, if the issue lies with your custom invoices simply provide us with a copy of the invoice template you are using and we will be able to help you trouble shoot this further.

You are able to locate the invoice layout you are using by selecting –

Help – about – program – data directory – select the Up folder button – layouts

Sending to Opayo

You will then be able to locate the layout you are using and provide it to as an attachment.