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Delivery charge in your basket

If you would like your Sage 50c Accounts software to recognise and use the delivery charge on your order you must include this into the basket field that is used for the order on your account.

When using the download wizard your software will use the basket field to identify products and charges that have been used to build the order.

The delivery charge, although not stock can be included to reflect the right amount in the basket for the charge of the transaction.

The Basket

When passing the basket field through with any order on your site, the field is populated with 6 columns.

  • Items – A description of the item that has been purchased.
  • Quantity – The volume of the product that have been ordered.
  • Item Value – The amount for each individual item ordered.
  • Item Tax – The tax that is applied to each individual item.
  • Item Total – The total cost of the item plus tax.
  • Line Total – The overall cost of the items plus tax in each line of the basket.

The basket contents can then be used to reference stock on your Sage 50c Accounts product.

A common basket field will be displayed as -

This will be represented in the transactional post to the Opayo systems as – 

4: Product 1 : 1 : 424.68 : 74.32 : 499.00 : 499.00 : Product 2 : 3 : 11.91 : 2.08 : 13.99 : 41.97 : Product 3 : 2 : 11.05 : 1.94 : 12.99 : 25.98 : Delivery : 1 : 0.00 : 0.00 : 0.00 : 4.99

As you can see each column within the basket field that is being passed through with the transaction is separated by a colon.

If you would like to leave any of the columns blank when passing the basket field you will still need to include the colon.  A basket field with a blank column will look like this – 

Delivery : 1 : 4.99 : : : 4.99

This is a line of a basket that has no content for the Item Tax and Item Total columns. 

If this  was used on a transaction that was downloaded into your Sage 50c Accounts software it will be classified as an S2 – VAT excluded item.

Delivery Charge

In order to pull through the charge for delivery you have applied you will need to make sure that you populate all of the fields that are included in the basket field.

You are also able to create a “non-stock or service” item within your Sage 50c Accounts for the delivery charge.  This will then allow your system to identify a delivery charge as a service and record it accordingly.

If you would like to know how to create products and services in your accounts software check out our article.

The delivery charge will then be downloaded into your Sage 50c Accounts product.

Tax or Tax Free?

When populating the delivery charges you will need to decide whether or not to apply tax to the charge.

If you do not want to apply tax to the charge you will simply need to pass the basket without the Item Tax column having any content.

For tax to be included you will just need to include the tax amount that is to be applied to the delivery charge.

Your Sage 50c software will then be able to classify the delivery as either an S1 – VAT included or S2 – VAT excluded product.