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Invoice Payments not connecting to Opayo

If you are having issues with your Invoice Payments and you are receiving an “Unable to connect to Opayo” error this could be due to a number of factors.

Practice Data

The first test to run to ensure your account can be connected to Opayo is to attempt to download your transactions using the practice data.

To do this open your Sage 50c Accounts software and select practice data from the options available.

You will then be able to run through the set-up of Opayo on your practice data, and attempt to use the download wizard.

If this is successful your  accounts software may be experiencing problems and we would advise contacting your Sage 50c Accounts support team for further help.


Another issue that may prevent your accounts software from contacting Opayo can be an issue with the IP addresses that are allowed from your servers.

In order to ensure a connection can be established with your system and ours you will need to first speak with your internet service provider to ensure the following IP addresses are allowed.

Outgoing Port 443

Incoming Port 443, and 80


You will then be able to connect to our systems and continue to use the download wizards through your accounts software.