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MySagePay download wizard

The MySagePay Download Wizard lets you pull all transactions that have been processed through your Opayo account into your Sage 50c Accounts software.

Why use this?

The wizard will look for transactions that have been processed through your account, and import these into your Sage 50c Accounts.

The transactions will then be assigned to an existing customer record, or create an original for you based upon the e-mail address supplied for the order.

You are also able to assign transactions to specific bank accounts within your accounts software to help with reconciliation.

What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits to using the MySagePay download wizard with your Sage 50c Accounts product.

  • Effective stock management – If your stock management is controlled by your accounts software downloading your transactions will allow you greater management over the process.
  • Real time reconciliation – Each day you can perform the download to reconcile all transactions processed through your Opayo account.
  • Free to use – If you are already a Sage 50c Accounts, and Opayo user there is no charge to set this up on your account.
  • Customer Management – The Sage 50c Accounts system will create records based on your sales, allowing you to build an effective customer database.

How do I sign up for this?

If you are already a Sage 50c Accounts, and Opayo customer all you will need to do is add your Opayo account details into your Sage 50c Accounts program.

To find out about linking your accounts software to Opayo have a look at our Sage 50c Accounts and Sage 50c Essentials articles.

If you are an existing Sage 50c Accounts customer and you do not have a Opayo account please call our sales team on 0191 313 0300 who will be happy to help you sign up for our services.
For existing Opayo customers who do not have Sage 50c Accounts please call 0191 479 5955 where you will receive the support you need.