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Sage Business Cloud Accounting – Process a “Pay by Phone” transaction

If your Opayo account includes the option to take payments by telephone or mail order your Sage Business Cloud account will give you the option to process a payment on an existing invoice.

By clicking the Card Payment button you will be able to

Alongside taking a payment on an invoice you are able to take payments when recording:

  • Customer receipts
  • Other receipts
  • Supplier refunds – through Banking only.

Important: Before you can process a card transaction you must first save the receipt or refund.

Process a “Pay by Phone” transaction

To begin processing a transaction you will first need to go to Sales followed by Sales Invoices

Once you have done this you will have a list of invoices on your account to manage.

Once the invoice has been opened, you will see a number of options available to you.  It is here where you can process a “Pay by Phone” transaction from your customer.

To process a transaction, click on the “Card Payment” button and this will open a web browser with the Opayo payment pages displayed. 

You can then processed through the transactional process and enter your customers card details. 

Once the transaction has been processed Sage Business Cloud Accounting will display a message informing you that the transaction is successful and the invoice will then be marked as paid.

The payment will then appear in the bank account that has been chosen for your Opayo transactions.

You have now processed a “Pay by Phone” transaction through your Sage Business Cloud Accounting Account.