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Sage Business Cloud Accounting – Process an Invoice Payment transaction

If your Opayo account has the ability to process ecommerce transactions you will be able to process an Invoice Payments transaction through your Sage Business Cloud Accounting. 

Any invoice that is sent to a customer will include a “Pay Now” button that will allow your customers to pay the balance.

Once a customer has processed their transaction the invoice will be automatically updated as paid and the funds will be recorded in the bank account that has been chosen for your Opayo transactions. 

The payment will then appear in the customers activity within Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Processing the transaction

Before your customer can process their transaction you will first need to create or locate the invoice to be sent to your customer.

Creating a new invoice

To do this you will first need to go to Sales > Sales Invoices.

You are then able to select “New Invoice” and enter the details of your customer and the goods that they have purchased. 

Once the invoice has been completed you will then have 2 options – Save or Save & Send.

Save will simply store the invoice in your Sage Business Cloud Accounting ready to be sent or cleared, while Save & Send will store a copy of the invoice and email a copy out to your customer which they can then use to make a payment.

Sending an already saved invoice

If you already have an invoiced saved you are able to simply send this off to your customer without having to make any changes.

Firstly, you will need to locate and open the invoice within your Sage Business Cloud Accounting.


You can then select email to send the invoice to your customer.

A screen will appear where you can enter the email address of the customer you would like to send the invoice too.  There is also the option to send a copy of the email and invoice to yourself. Finally you have the option to add a message to the email for your customer.

The email with the invoice will then be sent to your customer so they can process a transaction.

Processing a transaction

Once the email has been received your customer will be able to open the invoice and process a transaction.

At the top of the invoice there is a “Pay Now” button that can be clicked by your customer.

Once clicked, a web browser will open on the screen with the Opayo payment pages where the customer can enter their card details and complete the transaction.

A message will then appear advising your customer that the transaction has been completed and the invoice will then be marked as paid within your Sage Business Cloud Accounting.