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Creating a PayPal test account

If you want to start accepting PayPal through your Opayo TEST account you will first need to create an account with PayPal. 

You are then able to log into the PayPal developer platform and create a “Sandbox” account that you can link to your Opayo test account.

Creating a PayPal account –

Before you can access the PayPal developer platform you will first need to create a PayPal account. 

You can do this by signing up for a PayPal account on either the main site or the developer platform. or

The PayPal developer platform lets you run test transactions through your Opayo test account. 

The developer platform is ran alongside the standard PayPal payment system that allows testing with payment gateways. 

A standard PayPal account will not let you process transactions to our test system.

When signing up you will need to decide what type of PayPal account you would like to obtain.  You have the option of either a Personal or Business account.

For this guide we have selected a business account.  Next you will need to provide PayPal with your email address to begin the sign up.

You will then need to complete the 3 steps to get your PayPal account.

Get Started –

This is all of your personal information.

Business information -

After you have selected your business type you will need to provide PayPal with more information on your business type.

Account holder’s information -

All you will need to do is enter your date of birth to complete the sign up process.  This will then create a PayPal account for you.

You can then log into your PayPal Developer and create a Sandbox account that you can link with your Opayo TEST account.


Creating a Sandbox account

Now that you have created a PayPal account you can now login to the PayPal Developer platform create a Sandbox account.

To do this you will need to log into your developer account.  You will need to enter your email address and password that was used to create your main PayPal account –

Once logged in select “Dashboard”

You will then be able to manage your PayPal Developer account.  Select Accounts from the Sandbox menu on the left of the screen to begin creating your Sandbox accounts.

You can then create your Sandbox accounts to be used with your Opayo TEST account.

To test your integration fully you will need to create 2 types of Sandbox accounts -

  • A business account – to link together with your Opayo TEST account
  • A personal account – to make payments through your Opayo TEST account

We recommend adding a starting balance of £5,000 (GBP) for both accounts so you can process as many transactions as you wish without the funds running out.

Important – for the country you MUST select “United Kingdom”.  Also, please make a note of the email address and password that is created for each account.

This will create your accounts and enable you to link Opayo with your PayPal Sandbox account.

What happens next?

All that is left for you to do is enable Opayo in your PayPal test account and add PayPal to your Opayo test account.

After you have done this, you are ready to start taking test orders through PayPal on your Opayo account.