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Opayo Version 3.00 – PayPal not working anymore

"I've upgraded to Opayo Version 3.00 and PayPal is no longer working on my Opayo account"

If you have upgraded your Opayo account to version 3.00 you may have noticed that PayPal is no longer working on your account.

When upgrading to version 3.00 you will need to remove PayPal from your Opayo account and then re-add this to your account.

PayPal will then be active on your account and functioning without any further problems.

Why do I need to remove it?

The reason you need to re-add PayPal to your account is only because you have upgraded your Opayo account.  

When you upgrade you basically need to re-set your PayPal account within Opayo to enable PayPal again.

You can find out how to add PayPal to your account here.