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Authenticate and Authorise

The Authenticate and Authorise payment type gives your business the option to capture your customers card details without taking any funds.

How does it work?

Authenticate and Authorise is a 2 step process that gives you the control over the transactions that are processed through your account.

Once the transaction has been registered on your account you are then able to process the funds up to 90 days after the transaction has been registered on your account. 

Authenticate is the registration stage of the transaction and will only record the transaction on your account, while Authorisation is where you will actually process the transaction with the card issuing bank and move the funds between your customer and your business.

Step 1 : Authenticating the transaction

The customer will pick the items they are going to purchase from your website or store and continue through to the payment pages. 

There, the customer will enter their card details as normal and complete the 3D Secure fraud prevention checks before completing the transaction.

If you are processing telephone (MOTO) transactions through your MySagePay admin panel you can select the transaction type from the “Advanced” screen within the Terminal tab.

Authenticating the transaction registers it on the Opayo system and gives you 90 days to authorise the funds.

The technical bit……

When the transaction is registered with Opayo by your website a field called TxType is passed to us. 

The TxType field gives you the ability to select the transaction type that you would like to process through your account. 

In order to process an Authenticate a transaction the field must be passed as –


This will allow you to register the authenticate transaction on your Opayo account.

Step 2 : Authorising the transaction

Now that the transaction has been registered on your account you are now able to Authorise the transaction and move the funds from your shoppers account into your own.

You have 2 options when authorising the transaction.

Manually –

To manually authorise the transaction you will need to log into your MySagePay admin panel and locate the transaction.

Once located, you will need to click on the transaction followed by clicking the Authorise button.  You can then select the amount you would like to authorise.

Automated –

If you are using Server or Direct as your method of integration you have the ability to automate the authorisation of the transaction.

To do this you will need to download the Opayo shared protocol where you can build the post to Opayo in order to authorise the transaction.

Once authorised the transaction will then be sent for settlement that night and the funds moved from your customers account into your own.

How many times can I authorise a transaction?

There is no limit to the amount of times you can authorise a transaction as long as you don’t authorise more than 115% of the value of the original transaction.

I’ve authorised 100% of the transaction and can’t authorise the extra 15%?

If you have authorised 100% of the transaction you cannot authorise any more.

Authenticate and Authorise allows you to process up to 115% of the transaction but only if you have NOT already authorised 100%.

Once you have reached exactly 100% or more you cannot process any further authorises on the transaction.

If you have authorised less than 100% you are still able to process up to 115% of the transaction.