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Checking your fraud results

When using the Sage Accounts software to download transactions they will still be subjected to the fraud prevention checks that are carried out on each transaction.

You are able to check the results of the fraud checks on each transaction that has processed by logging into your MySagePay panel.

Logging In

The first thing you will need to do to check the fraud results is log in to your MySagePay panel as a user with permissions to view the transactions that have been processed through your account.

Login to your live MySagePay

Transaction List

Once logged into your MySagePay you can then review the transactions that have been processed through your account.

To do this select the transactions tab along the top of the screen, you will then be shown a list of transactions that have been processed through your account.

You are then able to view the fraud results for each transaction by checking the following columns – 


The 3 digit security code results for the transaction


The address results for the transaction


The postcode results for the transaction


The 3d Secure results for the transaction

Featurespace Action

The risk rating applied to the transaction

Featurespace Score

Featurespace score assigned to the transaction

Featurespace ID

The ID applied to the transaction by Featurespace system

The results for the CV2, ADD, PC, 3D, and Featurespace Action results will be displayed as the following – 

The fraud prevention checks were successful, and the information provided by your shopper matches the records for this check.
The details provided DO NOT match the records for the specific fraud prevention check and the information given by the shopper is incorrect.
The information provided by the shopper was not submitted to the bank for verification and not fraud prevention checks were carried out.
The fraud prevention checks were not carried out, and no fraud results were returned with the transaction.

You will be able to review all transactions that have been processed through your account by doing this.