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Fraud Screening indicators - What to look for

When a transaction is reviewed by the Fraud Screening system it uses the information submitted with the transaction to build the score. Each piece of information that is submitted with the transaction is processed is looked at individually and ran against a set of rules.  

The transaction will then provide you with a score, and a risk level that you can breakdown to see the impact each indicator has had on the transaction. 

What is a fraud indicator?

A fraud indicator is simply a part of the transaction that is used to build the score.  The most common fraud indicators along with a very brief description for any transactions are - 

Email address

The fraud screening system uses the structure of the email address as part of the scoring.  

  • Is the name in the email address
  • What type of email domain is being used - Yahoo, Gmail, etc
IP address

The IP address and location are used as part of the scoring.  

  • Is it a domestic IP address?
  • Does it originate from a high risk country?
Telephone number

Although not critical to the scoring the telephone can impact the overall score for the transaction. 

  • Has the telephone number been provided?
  • Is the telephone number a landline?
Billing & Delivery address

Using the addresses either together or separately can contribute to the score. 

  • Are the billing & delivery addresses different?
  • Has their been recent high spends at the addresses?
Fraud prevention checks

The results of address, postcode, security key, and 3D Secure checks are used to build the score. 

  • Have the address and postcode values matched the card used for the transaction?
  • Has the customer passed 3D Secure verification?
Card details

The card, type, and frequency are all used to form the score for the transaction. 

  • How often has the card been used?
  • How many different cards have been used?
Historical information

How often the elements of the transaction have been seen previously - and if they have been seen together.

  • Have the elements been seen together before?
  • How long ago have they been seen together?
Transaction value

The transaction value is important to the scoring - 

  • Is the transaction a high value?
  • Is the transaction low value?

Important : These are not all of the rules and triggers that are assigned to each of the fraud indicators.  For a full break down of the rules assigned to each indicator download the the fraud screening guide. You will then each rule that is applied to every indicator on the system.