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Fraud Screening - Where to find your results

All fraud screening scores on transactions processed through the Opayo system are available to you within MySagePay.

To view the scores that have been provided simply log into your MySagePay.

Once logged into MySagePay you will need to go to the “Transactions” tab.  You will then see your transaction list along with the Fraud Screening rating.  

To view the scoring breakdown further you will need to click on the individual transaction followed by “Fraud Results” tab.  

Once on this screen you will see the fraud screening results at the bottom of the page – you will both a score and a rating.  Click on the rating and this will open the full breakdown on the screen for you. 

You can then see all of the rules that have been triggered for the account and you will then be able to make a decision on the transaction and what is best for your business.