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Suspected fraud

We offer a range of ecommerce fraud prevention tools to limit any fraudulent activity on our systems. These tools are in place to protect you as a shopper and our customers' businesses.

If you believe your details have been used without your permission, or you have concerns about the website you are purchasing from we can help.

My details have been used without my knowledge

If you notice a charge on your card statement that wasn't incurred by you, you should begin by contacting the bank that issued your card.  They will be able to help reverse the funds back into your account and stop any further activity on your card.  Your bank can then contact Opayo to assist with any investigations that need to be carried out.

We can only provide information to you on the status of the transaction that has been processed whether it was successful or failed.  We are not able to disclose any information surrounding the details of the order that were entered onto the payment pages unless we are being asked by the bank, or the authorities.

I have concerns about a company using Opayo

If you are concerned about the company you have made a purchase from, we would ask that you followed the steps below:

  • Allow enough time for delivery of the goods, or services
  • Attempt to contact the company directly to resolve the issue

If you still have concerns about the company, or your order please visit our can’t contact the company page where you can give the details of your order and we will contact the company on your behalf.

We take all reports of fraudulent activity very seriously and will investigate all queries raised about companies using our services.