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Checks carried out by Featurespace

Once a transaction has been processed through your account and passed through to Featurespace for review the details of the transaction are then validated and checked by Featurespace.

Featurespace checks all available information for each transaction, including Personal, Payment, and Address information.

They then screen this information to identify any suspicious behaviour or where there is high risk.

Some of the parameters that are screened are: 

  • Multiple addresses used by the same person or card. 
  • Repetitive names or addresses used. 
  • Similar names or addresses used. 
  • Repetitive card attempts. 
  • Delivery to 3rd party or high-risk postal areas, etc.

Alongside the above information Featurespace also check over 100 different variables to provide you with a score, and a rating for each transaction.

As well as validating the details the shopper has provided Featurespace system also looks at a number of other parameters to build score:

  • Who is making the transaction? 
  • What are they buying? 
  • Where is it to be delivered? 
  • When was it ordered and when will it be delivered?

The information that is validated by Featurespace is solely based on details provided with the transaction.  If any of the shopper’s information differs from the details they have provided with the transaction the score will not be valid.

The scores that are provided to you are based exclusively on the information that is submitted with the transaction.  Details of the e-mail, delivery address, phone numbers, and IP addresses must be provided wherever possible. 

Please remember that the more transactional information you provide to us, the more accurate the risk score will be.