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Planned Fraud Service Upgrade June 2021

From Thursday 24th June we will be upgrading the Opayo fraud advisory service. The current fraud advisory service is provided by Mastercard and is known as Gatekeeper (formerly The 3rd Man). Mastercard are retiring this service and we have taken the opportunity to replace it with Featurespace, a best-in-class real time fraud detection transaction monitoring service.

What to expect from our latest upgrade

The new fraud service uses adaptable behavioural analytics to determine a fraud score in real time. It looks at data and patterns relating to transactions, shopper behaviour, the shopper’s fit with your typical customers, and short-term history from other interactions over a rolling 3-month period.

You’ll no longer need to wait up to an hour to see a fraud score, the new service will operate in real time and you’ll see fraud scores within MySagePay and via the reporting API immediately after transactions are processed. We’ve modernised the rule set that works behind the scenes and rewritten the triggered fraud rule reasons so the service is more transparent and easier to understand.

The service will remain advisory only at this time and so we’ve reduced the present fraud score range between -1000 to +1000 to a percentage score between 0 and 100 to show the likelihood of the transaction being fraudulent in a simpler way. Where we suspect a business is under a card testing attack, or a transaction is sent to us is missing key information the fraud service requires to score accurately (such as a shopper name), you may find transaction scores over 100%. If this happens repeatedly, we advise you review your merchant rules to adjust your risk appetite and ensure you are sending transactions to Opayo with as much shopper information as possible.

We’ve also addressed the difference between the length of time that transaction details are available to view and how long fraud scores were available for. From mid-June, your fraud scores will be available for up to seven years to match your how long you’ll be able to view all other transaction details in MySagePay or via the reporting API. Previously, scores were only available for six months.

To minimise any work on the part of users of our Reporting API we’re keeping Opayo’s current Reporting and Admin commands and responses the same. If you currently automate processes based on fraud scores, you may need to update these to reflect the changes in the score range. If you don’t use the reporting API to receive your fraud results you won’t need to make any adjustments to your integration for this change.

When is the new upgrade available?

We’re now able to confirm that the new service upgrade will take place from the morning of 24th June, 2021, any transaction processed after that date will be run against the new rule set and will receive a new fraud score. All transactions processed before the cut over will have been scored by the original 3rd Man service – these scores will be available with MySagePay and the API until 31st July.

In Summary

  • The Service will move to real-time

  • There will be no extra cost for this service upgrade

  • The fraud rule set has been modernised to better alert you to fraudulent activity, from card attacks to one-time fraudulent behaviour

  • A rule will only trigger if suspicious activity is suspected, if a specific rule wasn’t triggered then that particular activity wasn’t deemed suspicious at that time.

  • The scoring range has been simplified to show the likelihood of a transaction being fraudulent from 0 to 100%. Scores above 100% may occur in exceptional circumstances.

  • Transactions will either be scored as ‘low risk’, represented by a green shield, or ‘high risk’, denoted by a red shield. Scores above 80% will be considered ‘high risk’.

  • Fraud scores, and the rules that were triggered, will be available for up to seven years instead of just six months.

For users of Opayo's Reporting and Admin API Service:

  • We're keeping Opayo's reporting API calls and responses as is today including the getFeaturespaceDetails

  • From a validation perspective you will need to ensure that you can handle alphanumeric characters in the Fraud ID

  • The new scoring range returned will typically be 0 to 100, scores above 100 may occur in exceptional circumstances.

  • Descriptions of rules will be updated but will still conform to the 255-character field length.

Next steps

We're currently updating the fraud service user guide to reflect the changes and will add this to our website when the latest version has been released. The guide will also be linked to from the fraud screening tab in MySagePay. We're doing everything we can to ensure a smooth transfer between the old and the new fraud services and to avoid potential disruption.

If we become aware of any issues that may impact you, we'll let you know as soon as possible. If you have any questions on this change, please speak to your account manager, email us at or contact our customer support team on +(0)191 313 0299.