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Protocol 3.00 - Additional Fields - Transaction Response

Along with the additional information that you can now send with transactions using protocol 3 there are a number of fields that we will return to your system when a transaction is complete.

There are 3 mandatory fields that will be sent back with each transaction, and 2 optional fields that will be sent to you under certain circumstances.

Mandatory –

When a transaction is processed through your account we will not send you 3 further fields that will need to be accepted by your system.

These are –

Bank Auth Code –

This is the authorisation code that has been assigned to your transaction by the bank at the point of authorisation.


The field has a 6 character limitation and will meet the authorisation code requirements from the banks.

Decline Code –

The decline code is another reference that is assigned to the transaction by the bank at the point of authorisation.


The code has a 2 character limit and will not be populated by Opayo.  This information is provided directly by the banks.

Opayo don’t have a full list or explanation of the decline codes however these can be obtained directly from the banks.

Expiry Date –

Opayo will now return the expiry date of the card back to your systems after the transaction has been processed.


The field will include only the numerical values for the expiry date of the card, with no dividers.


Optional –

These fields will only ever be sent to your system under specific circumstances.

Fraud Response –

If you have ACI ReD Shield fraud screening enabled on your Opayo account you will receive this field back with each transaction that is subject to fraud analysis by ReD Shield.

The field has a 10 character limit and will only ever be sent with one of four possible responses –

  • Accept
  • Challenge
  • Deny
  • Not Checked

An example of the fraud response results that are sent –


Surcharge –

The surcharge field will only be sent back to your system if you have applied surcharges to the transaction that has been processed.

If you have not applied a surcharge, the field will simply not be sent.

The surcharge field is a numerical only field from 0.01 – 100,000.00.  The content of the field will include the exact amount that has been applied to the transaction as the surcharge.


With the optional fields, if you do not have either ReD Shield or Surcharges active on your account you will not be sent the information.

All of the details on each of the new fields, and how to add them to your account can be found in our protocol and integration guides.