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Protocol 3.00 - Customer XML

The customer XML field allows you to capture more information on your customers when they process a transaction through your website.

You are able to send us more details on your shopper with the transaction registration post giving you greater customer detail when an order is placed.

How does the customer XML work?

When a transaction is processed through our system you send us a transaction registration post with all of the details of the order.

The customer XML field is included in this post to our system.

You are able to include information about your customer that would not normally be captured when using our system.

You can send:-

  • Customer Middle initial
  • Date of birth
  • Work telephone number
  • Mobile telephone number
  • If they have been a previous customer
  • How long they have been a customer
  • Your customer ID number

This information will not be displayed anywhere within MySagePay upon the completion of an order but the information will be returned back to you, so it can be stored against a customer’s record when they have successfully completed an order.

Why use the customer XML?

If your website has a lot of returning business, or your shoppers need to log into your website to process a transaction the customer XML field can improve the level of detail you have for each customer. 

By capturing information such as middle name and date of birth you can improve the management of customers.

Details such as work and mobile numbers will give you access to your customers alongside the normal details that are captured with a transaction.

While the customer ID, previous customer, and time on file you will be able to see how many visits a customer has made, and how long they have been purchasing through your website.

This can help if you want to reward long term customers, offer discounts, or simply target older customers for promotional work.

All of the information that can be captured in the Customer XML can be used to help with fraud prevention if you are using ReD fraud screening on your account.

The details can be used to set rules within ReD that will reduce the potential risk of fraudulent activity.

The customer XML can also be used alongside the Opayo Token system, as token enables you to store and re-use customer card details the use of the customer XML will help you manage your customers far more effectively.

What does the customer XML look like?

When the customer XML is sent through with the transaction registration post it is sent in XML format.

You are able to send us as many, or as few of the pieces of information as you want.  We do not limit the information that is sent through to us.

An example of the customer XML field is :-












How do I use the customer XML?

Before you can use the customer XML you will need to upgrade your protocol version to 3.00.

Once you have done this you are able to include the customer XML in your transaction registration posts that you send to us.

All information on the customer XML field, and how it can be sent to our system can be found in our protocol and integration guides.