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Upgrading from 2.21 to 3.00

When upgrading your website to Opayo version 3.00 you will need to make substantial changes to the payments information that is sent from your website to us.

What changes will I need to make?

In order to process payments on your website, four pieces of information are sent from your website to us. These are known as fields and are as follows:

  • VPSProtocol
  • TxType
  • Vendor
  • Crypt

You will not need to remove any of these fields from your website, but you will need to make a lot of changes to those fields in order to successfully upgrade from version 2.21 to 3.00

There are three options available to you to complete the upgrade:

  1. Start again with Opayo

Due to the number of changes you will need to make to upgrade your website it may be easier to start again with Opayo.

Making the changes to your current version may be difficult due to the code, the way the website is integrated with Opayo, and due to the sheer volume of changes that are required to upgrade.

You can download a copy of the Opayo version 3.00 guide which will provide you with all the tools needed to integrate your site with us.

  1. Make the changes to your website

Although a lot of changes are required to upgrade your website you may prefer this option. 

Firstly remove any fields that are not included in Opayo version 3.00. Below is a list of the fields that are required for version 3.00. If you have any additional fields these will need to be removed.

Next, upgrade your website so that all of the fields in Opayo version 3.00 are captured and sent to us when a payment is processed. See our Opayo version 3.00 Integration Guide for details on the requirements for each field.

Once the changes have been made the upgrade has been completed.

  1. Contact a partner

If you do not have access to a developer you can use one of our partners to help you upgrade. 

Our partners can help you re-write your current website, re-design your website, or completely host your website. Using a Opayo Partner involves an additional cost.  Our partners work alongside Opayo to provide businesses with support when using our services.

We have a full partner directory who will be able to help you upgrade to Opayo version 3.00. Partners who can help you upgrade to version 3.00 can be identified by a V3 Compliant logo.