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Confirmation Emails

If you are using Opayo form as your method of integration you are able to send, and receive confirmation emails for any orders placed through your website.

Opayo Form is the only integration method available from Opayo that gives you the option to have confirmation emails.

For every order that is placed through your website you have the option to receive an email from Opayo informing you of an order that has been placed.

You are also able to send an email to your shoppers confirming that their order has been placed through your website successfully.

How do I send confirmation emails?

When setting up your account with Opayo you send a number of fields through to us to register a transaction on your account.

Included in this transaction registration post you also have the option of sending a field called – SendEmail.

This field can have the value of :

  • 0 – Will not send emails at all – no email to you or your customer.
  • 1 – Will only send emails to both you and your customer.
  • 2 – Will only send you a confirmation email and not to your customer.

If you do not provide us with this field we will assume the value is “1” and send both emails confirming an order has been placed.

Can I edit the emails I send?         

You are able to include a message on the confirmation emails that are sent to your customers when a successful order has been placed through your website. 

To do this you will need to provide us with the field EmailMessage as part of your transaction registration post. 

By including this field you are able to add your own message to the email that your customer will receive when they place an order through your website.

This will give you the control to manage the message that your customers receive when they are sent a confirmation email.

I am using Opayo Server/Direct integration, can I send confirmation emails?

Unfortunately not, confirmation emails are only available to Opayo Form customers.

If you want to send confirmation emails to your customers you will need to set this up through your own site, using your own mail server to generate and send the emails.