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Opayo Token – “How do I know when my TOKENS will expire”

When you register a token on the Opayo system you care able to use it as long as the card remains valid. 

The card details associated with the token are stored on the Opayo system, along with the expiry date for the card. 

By performing a simple Reporting and Admin API command to the Opayo system you are able to obtain the details of the token that will include the expiry date for the card.

You will then be able to identify when the token will expire.

What is Reporting and Admin?

Reporting and Admin is a tool that is available to all customers using the Opayo system.  

You are able to perform actions such as adding and removing users to MySagePay, adding and removing fraud prevention rules, and obtaining information on transactions that have been processed through your Opayo account.

You can find out more about the reporting and admin tool here.

What command do I need to do?

To find out when a token will expire on your account you will need to perform the “getTokenDetails” command using the reporting and admin tool. 

Before you can get the details of the token you will first need to ensure that you have the token ID to hand.

You will then get the following information sent back to your system by Opayo –

  • Token ID
  • Card Holder name
  • Last 4 digits of the card
  • Card type
  • Is the card a corporate card
  • Is the card a credit card
  • Expiry date of the card
  • How many uses

A full breakdown of performing the command can be on our developer hub.