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Users and e-mails

Each user in your MySagePay has the option to enter their email address.

They will then be able to receive updates from us, and also allow them to re-set their own passwords if they cannot access MySagePay.

You can do this by either;

  • Adding an email address for the user when they are being created
  • Adding an email address for already created users

When creating a user you will be able to enter an email for the user, to see how to create a user please check out our article. 

Adding an email address to a created user

Logging In

In order to add your email address to your user you will first need to log into the account.

Before you can make any changes to the users on your account you must first sign into MySagePay as a user with administrative rights.

Locating the User

Once logged into your account, select the Settings tab, followed by Users.  You will then be taken to the User Administration screen where you can change each user’s details.

Select the user that you would like to add the email address for.

Adding the email address

Once you have selected the user you will be able to enter an email address.

Enter the email address for the user, and then confirm this again.  The validation status will remain as “Not Validated” until you have validated this. 

You are also able to select if you would like to receive updates and communications from us.

If you are happy with the email address select update. The user will then receive an email from us to validate the address.

Validating the email address

Now that you have added the email address to the user you will need to validate this.

Once you have added the email address and updated the user, the user will have received an email for validation.  The user will need to select the link to validate the email address.

The user has now validated their email address and can use this to reset their password.