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Settlement & Batch problems

When looking at the settlement details with your MySagePay admin panel you have the option to look at the transactions that are included in each settlement file. 

At the end of each day Opayo collate all transactions into a “Batch” that is sent to your bank for settlement to take place. 

Have a look at our settlement article for more information on the process.

Once the settlement has taken place you will see each batch in the settlement tab within MySagePay. 

Why is the batch empty?

If you click on a batch and it is empty this means no transactions have been sent to the bank in that file. 

This indicates that the settlement file has failed and the transactions will need to be re-sent in order for the funds to be transferred from your shoppers through to your own business bank account.

All transactions for that day will be included in another settlement file either that same day, or the following day.

There are two batches for one day

If you see that there are 2 batches sent on the same day this could be due to a number of reasons.

The first is that you have an American Express merchant number on your Opayo account.  In order to accept and process American Express transactions you must have a dedicated merchant number.

As this is the case it will mean your standard transactions – VISA, MasterCard etc will be sent in one batch and your American Express transactions will be sent in another.

The second reason is due to the settlement and batch failing and needing to be re-sent.  When this happens the first batch file will be empty and the second file will include the transactions that needed to be sent for settlement.

What do I need to do?

If you see an empty batch, or 2 batches for the same day there is nothing that needs to be done by yourself. 

When this happens we will re-send the settlement file for you and your funds will be processed as normal.