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Blocking IP addresses


When setting up the security on your account you are able to block specific IP addresses from processing transactions through your account.

Once blocked any transactions attempted on your account using these IP addresses will be rejected without any funds being taken.

Logging into MySagePay

The first thing you will need to do before blocking any IP addresses is to log into your MySagePay area as a user with administrative rights.

Now that you have logged into the account select the Settings tab, followed by restrictions.  You will then be able block IP addresses.

Blocking IP Addresses

Once you have selected Restrictions you will be taken to the main page where you can impose restrictions on your account.

Select Add on the Blocked IP Addresses frame, you will then be able to add the IP address you wish to block. 

You simply need to add the IP address you would like to block into the box along with a subnet mask and select add.

Adding the IP

When entering the IP address please remember that it must be 12 numbers long separated into 4 banks of 3 numbers.

If the IP address you are adding is not this length you will need to pad this out with “0”s.

So, if the IP address you would like to block is – you will need to pad this to –

Always remember the “0”s go at the beginning of each bank of 3 you are padding.

What is a Subnet Mask?

A subnet mask allows you to block either a specific IP address or a range.

On our systems when adding IP addresses to block you must enter a subnet mask.

A subnet mask of will block the exact IP address you have added, however a subnet mask of will block any IP addresses with the same first 9 digits.

Usually you will only need to enter one of the above for your subnet mask.

Viewing your blocked IP Addresses

After you have successfully blocked an IP address they will appear in a list form within the Blocked IP Addresses frame.

Removing Blocked IP Addresses

If you want to remove an IP address you have previously blocked you can do this by clicking the “trashcan” to the right of the IP address.

Once you have clicked the “trashcan” you will simply be asked to confirm you would like to remove the IP address from your blocked list.

Once you have confirmed you would like to remove this IP it will no longer appear in your blocked IP addresses list.