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Transaction REJECTED by the fraud rules you have in place

Every transaction that is processed through your Opayo account will be screened by your fraud prevention tools - if you have them active on your account. 

This includes checks on the –

  • Address
  • Postcode
  • Security Code – 3 digits on the reverse of the card
  • 3D Secure

You have the ability to apply rules on your account that will either accept or reject transactions based on the results.

If the transaction does not pass the rules you have in place the transaction will not be processed and this message will be displayed. 

What to check

To confirm what rule the transaction has triggered you will need to check the fraud results for the transaction and then compare them with the rules you currently have active on your account.

You can do this by clicking “Settings” within MySagePay and then selecting either – “AVS/CV2” or “3D Secure”.

I have this message but the transaction does not trigger any rules

Alongside the fraud rules that you have applied to your account there is a further, internal Opayo rule that can cause a transaction to fail and generate this message. 

Before any Payment, Authorise or Deferred transaction can be successfully processed through the Opayo system we must connect to the bank in order to obtain authorisation.

Each transaction is allowed up to 3 attempts to connect to the bank.  If a connection is unable to be established within 3 attempts the transaction will fail and this message will be displayed.

You can see this message within MySagePay by clicking on the transaction and choosing “Authorisation Details” from the list of options on the left of the pop-up.

You will then see the number of attempts that have been made to connect with the bank.  If the number is 3 and the transaction is failed due to being REJECTED by the rules you have in place this is due to the transaction exceeding more than 3 attempts to contact the bank for authorisation.