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Showpost, using and understanding the process

A showpost allows us to view the information that is being sent from your system to ours to help with troubleshooting.

What is showpost?

Showpost is simply a way for us to view the details of your posts to our systems when transaction logs are not enough to provide a resolution.

It allows us to see the fields, the content, the IP addresses, and the data that is being sent for all transactions.

Why use showpost?

We normally ask that a showpost is performed when we are unable to see all details that are needed to resolve your issue.

Commonly used with invalid transactions, 3D Secure issues, and other technical issues it allows us full visibility of the information that is submitted to our platform.

How do I perform a showpost?

Every step of the transactional process with ourselves relies on a post being made from your system to ours via a specific URL.

Depending on the stage where you are having issues we will ask you to replace the URL you are making the post to, to the showpost URL.

We will then ask you to perform a transaction as normal and provide us with your vendor name and time that the showpost was made.

The showpost URL is;

Once you have performed the showpost you will not receive confirmation of the transaction completing, or will you progress through to the success or failure page.

A showpost will simply submit your data to us and will not generate a response to your systems.