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During 2020, the pandemic plunged UK businesses into uncertainty. Managing and embracing constant change became an integral part of the status quo. For those businesses that could be agile and pivot or offer access to stock, custom blossomed. At Opayo, we're fascinated with the ways many independent businesses have prevailed in the face of adversity.

So, to help us digest these significant changes and make sense of it all, we've summarised some insightful opinions and stories from experts and independent businesses to help us unpack these key learnings to help inform your business roadmap for the months ahead watch the full virtual roundtable or download the report here. Short on time? Why not watch our 10 minute highlight videos below for the latest tips and advice.

Hear from:

  • Ken Hughes - Consumer and Shopper Behaviouralist at Opayo

  • Kirk Hullis - eCommerce Consultant at Digital Knowhow Consulting

  • Asher Budwig - Managing Director of Lola’s Cupcakes

  • Martin Pitcock - Head of Marketing and Product at Opayo

  • Dominic White - Head of MS&A at VISA

  • Clive Hughes - Business Development Manager CBE Software

The change is here to stay...

Consumers investing in items online for the first time, including lower ticket items. We look at the opportunities that have come to light during a national lockdown, new buying behaviours and how businesses are responding to the demand.

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Convenience makes the sale

The customer experience is everything, from the first click through to the checkout and beyond. Consumers care about comfort, control, convenience, and this includes payment systems. The more payment options you have on offer, the more customer-friendly you are.

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Business model pivots and how retailers are making them work

No business model is so set in stone that it can’t explore new ways of selling. We look at some businesses that have shifted gear or switched lanes.

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Any business can be digital - the Local Online story

Local has come back with a vengeance, and consumers have re-discovered their neighbourhoods. With more and more people looking to their community to fulfil their shopping needs - we look at how businesses are adding value, creating loyalty and being more present within their communities.

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Keeping your business moving

Many businesses are now changing the way they operate, from doing business face-to-face to online or taking telephone orders. If you are considering a change to online, remote or virtual payments, we have several options to support you

From Bricks to Clicks

Take your business online by creating your own online shopping experience with our all-in-one website + hosting + payments solution

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MOTO Virtual Terminal

Take payments over the phone safely and securely anywhere anytime with 24-7 support and built-in fraud screening

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Pay by Link

Generate a unique payment link to a secure payment page and send onto your customers in seconds

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Click and Collect

Set up a virtual catalogue for customers to view and order your products via a customisable click and collect page

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Fraud Screening

Stay safe and protected with free enhanced fraud screening on each transaction, including cardholder, payment, and address checks

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Six golden nuggets from independent retailers who've survived and thrived

For many businesses 2020 was sink or swim. We've gathered top tips from eCommerce experts and SMEs during our recent 'Opayo Roundtable' talk.

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Why Christmas 2020 could be a gift for independent retailers

As we head towards a festive season with a whole set of complications attached, question marks dangle like baubles on a tree. What will Christmas be like amid a confusion of restrictions and tiering? And how can businesses make a sparkling success of this crucial time of year in such unpredictable circumstances?

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